Fun Fun Caravans



  • The minimum rental period is three days, with unlimited mileage.
  • The lessee must be at least 25 years old.
  • The lessee must hold and show a category B driving licence, held for at least 2 years.
  • Non-EU residents must present a valid international driving licence.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicles.
  • Check with the lessor whether pets are allowed in the vehicles.
  • The lessee is responsible for compliance with legal provisions (driving licence, traffic regulations).
  • 30% of the total rental price must be paid on booking.
  • A credit card deposit of €600 will be required on picking up the motorhome, which will be returned when the lessee returns the vehicle, providing it is in perfect condition.
  • The pickup and delivery days count as one day, providing they do not exceed 24 hours.
  • The inside of the motorhome is clean when it is delivered by the lessor.
  • The lessee must return the vehicle in the same state.




  • VAT (21 %)
  • Comprehensive insurance with an exemption of €600
  • 24-hour breakdown service
  • 24-hour Fun Fun Caravans technical assistance (queries, problems, etc.)
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Air conditioning in cabin
  • Awning
  • Rear camera
  • TV with DVD and USB
  • TV antenna
  • Solar panel (depending on model)
  • Bicycle rack (depending on model)
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Gas bottles
  • Chemical toilet liquid
  • Parking wheel clamps
  • CL Electric cable
  • European electrical adapter
  • Drinking water hose
  • Radio CD/mp3
  • Minimum 150 CV engine
  • Air conditioning in cabin
  • 12V – 220V converter (mobile phones, cameras, PCs etc.)
  • Cleaning kit (rubbish bag, cloth, scouring pad, soap)
  • Safety locks for living area and garage (depending on model)



The guarantees for cancellation and associated costs are as follows:


Trip cancellation expenses to a limit of €3,000 are included, for any of the following CAUSES:
1.- Death, hospitalisation, serious illness or physical accident of the insured party or a family member.
2.- The insured party being called as a party, witness or jury member at a Civil, Criminal or Labour Court.
3.- The insured party being called as a polling station member.
4.- Attendance of a civil service examination.
5.- Beginning a new job, at a different company and with a contract of over one year.
6.- A parallel tax declaration by the Ministry of the Exchequer resulting in the insured party having to pay over €600.
7.- The insured party being called for a surgical operation (including organ transplants as a receiver or donor).
8.- The insured party being called for urgent medical tests by the Public Health Service.
9.- Serious pregnancy complications requiring bed rest or hospitalisation.
10.- Official detainment of the insured party.
11.- Writ of summons for a divorce procedure.
12.- Cancellation of the persons accompanying the insured party on the trip, providing they booked at the same time as the insured party and are insured by this contract and the reason for the cancellation is one of the aforementioned causes.


Expenses for the days of holidays not taken are included, to a limit of €3,000, if the insured party has to terminate their holiday early for any of the CAUSES (providing this occurs after the start of travel):

1.- Death, hospitalisation, serious illness or serious physical accident of the insured party, their spouse, ascendants or descendants of the first degree or siblings.
2.- The motorhome being involved in a traffic accident preventing travel from continuing (repair taking over eight hours or costing over €600, in accordance with the manufacturer’s criteria).


Liability of the insured party for unintentional personal injury or material damage caused to third parties is included, to a limit of €60,000.


The insured party’s defence in a personal lawsuit in a foreign court resulting from the travel or trip covered by the insurance, to a limit of €3,000 for expenses and deposits.


Medical and health care for the insured party, to a limit of €18,000 abroad and €6,000 in the insured party’s habitual country of residence.

Repatriation or medical transport of injured or ill persons, in case of accident or sudden illness of the insured party. If one of the insured parties has been repatriated or transferred due to accident or illness and this prevents continuance of travel by the means initially envisaged of the other persons booked on the same trip together with the policy holder and insured by the same policy, the transfer of the other insured parties to their homes or to the place of hospitalisation is included.

Hotel convalescence: if the insured party cannot return due to medical prescription, hotel costs of up to €100 per day are included, for a maximum period of 10 days.

Travel by a family member travel in case of hospitalisation: if the insured party requires hospitalisation for more than 5 days, the expenses for transfer of a family member to accompany them are included.

Sending medicines abroad: locating the medicine and sending it to the place in question is included.

Repatriation or transport of the insured party in case of death: organisation and expenses for transfer to the place of burial in Spain are included. Expenses for the return home of the other insured parties is also included, if they cannot do so by the means initially envisaged.

Early return due to the death of a family member: expenses for transfer to the place of burial or to the insured party’s home are included. A “family member” is taken to mean the spouse, ascendants or descendants of the first degree or siblings.

Early return due to hospitalisation of a family member: transfer expenses in case of accident or serious illness with hospitalisation of at least 5 days are included. A “family member” is taken to mean the spouse, ascendants or descendants of the first degree or siblings.

Theft or material damage to luggage: in case of theft, total or partial loss due to the carrier or as a result of fire or assault occurring during the travel are included, to a limit of €300.

Period ( ) Period ( ) Period ( )
Up to 9 days 38,40 € Up to 21 days 71,71 € Up to 34 days 103,29 €


This SUMMARY is an extract of the general and special terms and conditions delivered with the special conditions of the policy. It has no contractual value and is for information purposes only.

Summary of travel cancellation guarantees.pdf

Questionnaire for vehicle rental travel cancellation insurance.pdf

Please contact us if you have any queries or require any clarification.



  • Check out the traffic conditions, particularly if you are travelling in summer.
  • Check with the Traffic Directorate-General by calling 900 123 505.
  • Remember to carry your personal documents, ID card or passport (if travelling outside the EU), driving licence, medical card and international camping card.
  • International driving licence, where required.
  • It is preferable to travel during the day.
  • Children under twelve years old are not permitted to travel in the motorhome driver’s cabin seats unless certified safety systems are used.
  • Do not carry excess luggage and ensure the weight is correctly distributed inside the vehicle.
  • Check that all the compartment doors are correctly closed, to prevent any unwelcome surprises on driving.


Make sure it is legally permitted to park the motorhome or stay overnight in the places in which you wish to do so, and check that there are no express prohibitions. You may optionally hire a special GPS for this purpose which indicates the places where it is permitted.


  • Emptying domestic waste water or sewage water in unsuitable places.
  • Leaving rubbish or signs of your presence in the places you have stayed.
  • Setting up camping elements outside the motorhome.
  • Letting pets run loose.